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5 Facts That Fuel Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is a new insult to slander people who are concerned with the future.

The apologists would have us believe that defending what we love is wrong, but is it wrong to question any religion or ideology? Especially one with centuries of violence to its credit?

If you ask me, there are some serious issues with the way the non-Muslim world views Islam. In the present political environment, anyone who criticizes or even questions Islam’s place and intentions in the world, is seen as a pariah and is quickly labelled an Islamophobe, bigot or racist. So, why is it bad to question Islam? Why has the label Islamophobe become an insult? Are the people who hold Islamophobic views really so wrong? Or are their opponents, the apologists, foolishly ignoring the truth? To help answer these questions, let us now look at five (5) facts that fuel Islamophobia. To do this, I will let Islam do most of the talking with quotes from prominent, contemporary Islamic figures, the Quran and the Hadiths. Please note that these are only a handful out of the hundreds of quotes that could be used to make these points.

1. Islam is theocratic and aims to rule the entire world.

The separation of church and state is an important component of any true democracy and, amongst other freedoms, guarantees the freedom to choose whatever religion you want. Islam is theocratic and, therefore, the exact opposite of a democratic government and the antithesis of freedom. Under Islamic law, or Sharia Law, freedom of religion is heavily curtailed, if not outlawed altogether. Following on from this, non-Muslims are seen as second-class citizens with diminished rights. In extreme cases, non-Muslims are ill-treated, persecuted and even killed. Even in Indonesia, which is hailed as a shinning example of ‘good’ Islam, there are many cases where non-Muslims have been persecuted or disadvantaged because of their beliefs (see: Indonesian Islam Misuses Blasphemy Laws Against Christian).

What is particularly worrying is that Islam’s ultimate goal is to establish a world-wide theocracy. Now, of course, the Islam apologists would ridicule this statement and laugh at anyone who said this out loud. However, when you read quotes, such as the following quote from Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, who was an Islamic scholar and author, the truth to this statement becomes clear. This is especially so, when it is the very same thing that Islamic militant groups, such as ISIS, have been fighting for, for years. Now, you can try and argue that the extremists do not represent true Islam but the Quran and the Hadith, the core publications of Islam and the word of Allah and Mohammad, are quite clear on this issue and provide the extremists with all the motivation they could want.

Quotes like this give very good reason for Islamophobia to flourish.

Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi makes it very clear that Islam is seeking world domination and so there is little wonder that many people are Islamophobic.

To reinforce the point about Islam being a theocracy that seeks world domination, here in another quote, direct from the Quran, that further reinforce this fact:

The Quran makes it quite clear that Islam seeks domination.

This quote, taken from the Quran, leaves no doubt that Islam seeks to become the dominant religion on earth, if not the only religion on earth.

2. Islam is not, and never has been, a religion of peace.

From the early days of Islam, this ideology has been financed and spread by warfare, conflict and brigandry. Muhammad, himself, funded his growing cult through the spoils of raids on caravans, the capture and trade in slaves and, ultimately, the invasion and conquest of foreign lands. Islam took over much of the Middle East which, before Mohammad’s time, was mostly Christian, and this was completed through conquest, mass executions and forced conversions. Similarly, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, fell to Islamic invasions and genocide. None of these conversions were through the work of missionaries or preachers; it was all achieved at the point of a sword.

After the death of Muhammad, Islam split into factions that, when they weren’t fighting non-Muslims, were fighting each other. Out of this carnage grew the spectre of Islamic terrorism as seen, in around the 11th century, by the rise of the Assassins. This was a Muslim sect who would strike at enemies, both Muslim and non-Muslim with no regard for their own survival; just as modern day suicide bombers do. Islamic terrorism is not a recent phenomena that has come about in response to Western military campaigns, as the apologists like to claim. Islamic terrorism has been part and parcel to this cult from its early years.

Around four hundred (400) years before the Crusades, Islam invaded Europe and it took nearly three centuries of bloodshed before the Europeans were finally able to expel Islam. During 800 years of Islamic occupation of India, and as proudly documented by the Islamic historian Muhammad Qasim Hundu Shah, more than 400 Million Hindus were exterminated by the Islamic invaders. This is the worst case of genocide in all of human history and hardly the act of a religion of peace. Add to these events the numerous wars that Islam has initiated, throughout the centuries, and right up to the present day. Then consider the numerous acts of genocide, which includes the murder of Armenian Christians (around 1.5 million) by the Islamic Ottoman Empire in 1915. Consider also, the massacre of around 1.5 million people by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Bangladesh in 1971. Let us not forget the genocide, waged by Iraq against the Kurdish people in the late 1980’s. Nor should we forget the thousands of terrorist attacks that have become sad, but almost daily, events since the 1970s. And the list goes on.

The simple, and irrefutable fact, is that Islam has never been a religion of peace and, to suggest that it is, would be laughable if Islamic history hadn’t been written with so much blood. Yet, despite these facts, most Muslims today are peace-loving and honest people. The problem is not the majority of the people, with a couple of million notable exceptions, it is with the ideology and the call to violence encapsulated in it’s teaching and writings.

From the horses mouth, Islam does not want peace with the non-Muslim world.

The Ayatollah Komeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, didn’t mince worlds about Islam’s desire for world domination.

If you are still unconvinced, that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, then consider these words from the ‘horses mouth’, This is what Mohammad, himself, had to say about the violence that is inherent in Islam:

Mohammad had no qualms about killing non-Muslims.

This quote, by Mohammad himself, leaves little doubt about the true nature of Islam.

It is natural to protect what we love.

The people of the non-Muslim world should be able to protect what they love without being insulted for it.

3. Islam proscribes the death penalty for Apostasy.

The Quran contains several contradictory verses, on the subject of freedom of religion and apostasy, as it does about most things. What must be remembered, when reading the Quran, is that later verses abrogate earlier verses. This is why you sometimes see Quranic verses quoted that seem to support the arguments of the apologists that Islam is all sweetness and nice. The apologists are not shy in trotting out the earlier, but abrogated, verses and pass them off as proof of Islam’s compassion. However, you need to read the latest verses to truly understand Islam. If you follow this simple rule, then you will find that both the Quran and the Hadiths have many verses that proscribe death as the penalty for turning your back on Islam.

Indeed, as of 2013, some 20 Muslim-majority states have laws against apostasy. Of these, eight nations have decreed it a capital crime and imposed death as the appropriate penalty. While only four cases of the death penalty have been applied by these legitimate nations, in recent years, the last being in Saudi Arabia in 1992, the penalty remains ‘on the books’ in far too many nations. Do you honestly think that modern Muslim nations would carry these archaic and unjust laws if it was not part of Islam and Sharia Law?  And if Islam ever gained the upper hand, across the world, who would stop Islam from enforcing the death penalty in every case. You only have to look at the horrors perpetrated by the Islamic State to see what could, and most likely would, happen in an Islamic world.

Apostacy is punishable by death.

Simple and to the point; Apostacy is punishable by death. How can anyone misinterpret this?

4. Islam demands submission.

Indeed, the word ‘Islam’ means submission; submission to the teachings of Islam, to the Quran and Hadith and to Mohammad. Accordingly, the religion of submission, is the antithesis of freedom. The peoples of the western nations have been fighting to preserve their freedom, and the freedom of others, for centuries. The largest, most horrific and most costly conflict in history, World War II, was fought to preserve freedom and to destroy tyranny. To then give up that freedom, to stand by and let it be taken by believers of an outdated ideology, makes no sense. Those left-wing fools who advocate appeasement, to Islam, and who condemn anyone who speaks out against Islam, are traitors to their own people and to the millions who have died fighting to preserve freedom.

The apologists would also argue that the concept of submission, in Islam, is not the surrender of personal freedom but simply acquiescence to Allah. That may be seem true to those who willingly choose to submit to this ideology. However, if you choose not to submit, then the Quran and the Hadith makes it clear that you with either be killed or be forced to submit as a second-class citizen and pay the Jizyah tax. You can read this for yourself in the quote below. This quote may sound very ‘old world’ and, accordingly, some apologists would argue that we can ignore this quote on that basis. However, you only have to examine the status, and the plight, of non-Muslims in many Muslim majority nations, or even in Muslim controlled areas within secular states, to see how Islam treats non-Muslims, as proscribed in Islamic texts.

5. The Call to Jihad.

The apologists would have us believe that the term Jihad refers to the ‘inner struggle’ to achieve spiritual peace and fealty to Allah. They would also have us believe that the interpretation of the Quran, wherein Jihad refers to violent and militant conquest of non-Muslims, is unfounded. They claim that all who fear the term Jihad have misread the Quran. However, when you read the following verse from the Hadith, how can anyone claim that the call to Jihad is anything but a call to arms? Further, if the view that Jihad refers to militant action and violence is wrong, then for the past 1400 years millions of Muslims, including Muhammad himself, have also been misinterpreting it. Further, I am sure that the hundreds of millions of victims, of Jihad, would have no problems with interpreting the hundreds of Quranic verses, also known as the Sword Verses, that reference Jihad.

Be killed, submit or convert.

This quote is a very clear set of instructions on how Muslims are required to answer the call to Jihad, or Holy War, and that it is a war in the truest sense.

In conclusion, this post is not about hating Muslims, or trying to incite other people to hate Muslims, because it is not. Many Muslims are ordinary people who just want to live in peace. However, it is their ideology that is the problem and it is a very BIG problem. An ideology that promotes hatred of, and war against, non-Muslims. I personally know Muslims that I class as friends and I know that they are good people. However, I am at a total loss to understand how these good people can continue to follow such a evil, and outdated, ideology.

So, am I an Islamophobe? Absolutely, yes!

I am most definitely an unrepentant and unapologetic Islamophobe.

Why am I an Islamophobe?

I am because I have read the history of Islam, I have read what many Islamic leaders and scholars have said about Islam and the world, I have read the story of Muhammad, I have read from the Quran and other Islamic texts and I have watched the news and read the news papers.

Having done all of those things, I find that it is simply impossible not to be Islamophobic!


No shame in being an Islamophobe.

There is no shame in being an Islamophobe, after all we are free to question every other religion, so why not Islam, which requires the most questioning, as well?

© Copyright 2018 Robert Pretty

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