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Islamic Leaders want ‘Safe-space’ for Angry Muslim Youth!

Muslims want 'safe spaces' where youths can practice their jihad.

Islamic leaders in Australia are calling for tax-payer funded safe spaces where their youths can vent and make inflammatory comments.

If you ask me, Islamic communities in Western nations seem to think that they are owed special privileges and rights, above and beyond the privileges and rights of all other citizens. It would seem that this is a manifestation of the teachings of their so-called holy book which clearly states that non-believers are less human than themselves and that the laws of the land are secondary to the teachings of their murderous prophet. The most recent example is the call, from Islamic leaders in Victoria Australia, for tax-payer funded ‘safe spaces‘ where Muslim youths can vent their anger, make inflammatory comments and, in general, be given special privileges and immunity from the law of the land.

Is it any wonder that non-Muslims are becoming increasingly fed-up with Islam and it’s followers? Instead of assimilating into their new countries, many Muslims want to be given a superior status to everyone else. Rather than learn to coexist, and ingratiate themselves with their fellow citizens, they seem hell-bent on provocative actions that can only end in strained, even impossible, relations with non-Muslims. They want special treatment and special considerations, beyond the normal status of all other religious, ethnic and cultural groups. All because of their adherence to an archaic and highly questionable ideology. These Islamic leaders are behaving irresponsibly, negligently and they are culpable for the violence that generates from Islamic communities. Instead of teaching their youth how to behave in the modern world, they want to give them excuses, and a safe-space, to fine-tune their intolerance.

This latest move is almost beyond belief. Instead of teaching their youths tolerance and multicultural ideals, they want to isolate them and give them a ‘safe space’ to hone their hatred of the west. A place where they can encourage and build the hatred amongst their fellow Muslim youths. Even a place that would be an ideal recruitment point for radical Islamic terrorists. Islamic leaders, if they genuinely want peace and coexistence, need to reign in their young people and teach them respect for the laws and the culture of the countries they have chosen to live in. They also need to teach them respect for all women and children, regardless of their religious backgrounds. If they won’t do these things, and if they still feel that they need a ‘safe space’ for their youth, then they can avail themselves of the many, tax-payer funded, ‘safe spaces’ that already exist. A prime example, of such ‘safe spaces’ is pictured in the image at the head of this article; and that is Long Bay Correctional Centre in Sydney, NSW.

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One thought on “Islamic Leaders want ‘Safe-space’ for Angry Muslim Youth!

  1. Scudman

    Why are they here if our society triggers them? They can go back to the shitholes they came from. Fuck them!

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