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The Manchester Bombing; Yet Another Wake Up Call.

Manchester Terror Attack is a Wake Up Call

Another cowardly terrorist attack against our children, this time in Manchester; surely this is a wake up call for the non-Muslim world?

If you ask me, the horrific terrorist bombing attack, on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester UK, should serve as yet another wake up call for all world leaders. We have to stop turning the other cheek, pull our heads out of the sand and pro-actively destroy Islamic extremism wherever it may be found. It is also time to finally accept, without the usual excuses, that Islamic terrorists are, indeed, an offshoot of Islam. You would think, by now, that it would be crystal clear, to even the most dull-witted and pacifist Western leader, that Islam has absolutely no intention of living in peace with us. When an enemy clearly demonstrates that peace is not an option, then we have no choice but to enthusiastically take up the ‘mantle of war’ and deliver annihilation to that enemy wherever he may be found.

I realise that this will not be an easy task, nor will it be pleasant, but it is a vital one and it must be done quickly. We owe it to our children and our children’s children to sort this problem now. To leave this situation for future generations is the ultimate act of cowardice and betrayal. The continued appeasement (see: The Folly of Appeasement), of Islam, only delays the actions that are essential for the return of peace. The West’s continued inaction will condemn our generation in the minds of future generations as well as in the history books. Our ongoing failure to act will earn us a place amongst the host of monsters, villains and fools who already litter human history. Indeed, our failure to act makes us just as culpable as the Islamic monsters who are forcing these horrors upon us.

Granted, that it will not be possible to hunt down every single terrorist, and would-be terrorist, but our response should be overwhelmingly decisive. To counter the threat of home-grown, lone-wolf terrorism, we need to make our response so catastrophic, for the terrorist cause, that they will be deterred, prevented or, at least, hampered in carrying out their evil plans. We need to destroy the terrorist leaders, the recruiters, their sponsors and their backers, along with their communication and supply networks, and we need to do this wherever they are. The location of these people, in foreign lands, should not give them safety or sanctuary from our military response. We have to stop just chopping off the tentacles of the monster and, instead, we need to rip out it’s heart. This will require us to directly confront, and perhaps even go to war against, a number of Islamic nations, but peace will only ever be secured through bold action. The west ‘carries the bigger stick’, to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, and we need to start using it.

Manchester wake up call and time to use the big stick.

The Manchester terror attack should be a wake up call for the west to stop apologizing to Islam. We already have the ‘big stick’ and it is time to use it.

History clearly shows that the world has been at war with militant Islam for 1400 years and we have, in the past, achieved long periods of relative peace through decisive action. We achieved long periods of peace following the Battle of Tours, the liberation of Spain, the Barbary Wars and when we thoroughly stomped on a resurgent terrorism in the 1970’s, to name a couple of examples. It is now time to secure a long and lasting peace by clearly demonstrating that Islam will never achieve a world-wide caliphate and that Islam’s only option is to accept peace or perish. The present resurgence, and continuation, of the terrorist problem is largely the result of the West’s lacklustre response. Our pathetic and piecemeal operations only serve to reinforce, in the minds of the extremists and the rest of Islam, the allusion that they have a chance of winning and that they can achieve their dream of a world-wide Caliphate. We must crush that belief and give them an unmistakable glimpse of the oblivion that awaits them if they choose to continue to fight. We must leave them with no doubt of the futility of their actions. In the west, one of the key objectives, of any war, is to destroy the enemies’ will and capacity to fight and that is what we must do now.

Appeasement of Islam has failed and was always going to fail. It is time for a strong, determined and lethal response. Terrorists and the world of Islam must be made to see that such acts of brutality will not go unpunished and will fail in anything other than incurring the military wrath of the west. Terrorists need to be shown that their actions and beliefs will only result in their own destruction. They must be shown that their cause is a lost cause and that every time they murder innocents that we will strike back with lethal force that will eradicate their repugnant and diseased beliefs. We need to show, beyond any doubt, and regardless of where they are, that there are no safe havens for their satanic plans. It is vital that all of Islam is made to realise that, as well. We need to give Islam only two choices; either live alongside of us in peace while respecting our world or start building deeper bomb shelters.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to all of the families who suffered from this cowardly attack in Manchester. No words can compensate you for your loss and only positive and firm action, by our leaders, can possibly hope to assuage you of the suffering that has been unfairly heaped upon you. I hope that your loss will not be in vain and that it might finally shake some of our apathetic leaders out of their self-imposed stupor. The leaders of all non-Muslim countries must get the message at last; the deaths of these innocents is a price too high for their policies of appeasement.


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One thought on “The Manchester Bombing; Yet Another Wake Up Call.

  1. Scudman

    We have not learned from 911, nor Brussels, Paris or any of the attacks last year alone and it does not seem that we are learning even now. Paris had a lot of attacks last year, they have an election, one of the candidates says that its part & parcel of living in a big city, instead of being told to fuck off he is elected instead.

    When are Europeans going to vote for politicians that put their countries first and reject globalism? When are people going to wake up?

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