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No Worldwide Caliphate, NOT EVER!

No worldwide caliphate - not ever!

A message to terrorists everywhere – they will fail in their goal of creating a worldwide caliphate.

If you ask me, every time I hear some sick, twisted self-proclaimed Imam, or terrorist mouthpiece, trying to tell the world that Islam will dominate and that the entire planet will soon be a world-wide Caliphate, I just want to laugh. Well, I would laugh if the means by which they are trying to achieve this weren’t so despicable and terrible. How any thinking person, in this day and age, could follow their sick, perverted plan is completely beyond me. When the world destroyed Nazism, we thought that we had seen the end of such evil, but Islamic extremism has shown us that evil survived and the time is coming when we must, en mass, rise up and destroy evil once more.

However, what I find more dismaying, than the threats of the terrorists, is the silence and the cowardice of Western leaders. Whenever there is a terrorist attack, most of these so-called leaders postulate about ending the violence and bringing justice to the guilty. This is always short-lived, timed carefully to capture the headlines, but as soon as the media become bored with the topic, the rhetoric dies away. These traitorous ‘leaders’ need to realise that we are at war and that the enemy is not going to stop. Therefore, we cannot stop, we cannot make excuses and we have to launch a determined campaign to stomp out terrorism; without further delay.

Just as, in 1945, we dropped our bombs in the heart of the Reich, drove our tanks deep into Germany and, finally, stormed the Reichstag, today we MUST carry the war deep into the territory of the enemy. We need to attack terrorist groups wherever they are. We must show them that their Caliphate, located in the despoiled lands of Syria and Iraq, is meaningless to the free world. We must show these demented fools that their atrocities against the innocents of Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, France and anywhere, in the world, will not be tolerated. For every innocent they destroy, we must extract a terrible revenge – so terrible that future would-be terrorists will give pause for thought and may turn away from their satanic path. The examples must be severe and decisive and we will ‘get bloody’, but our children and our children’s children are depending upon us to act now. It is sheer cowardice to leave the problem for them to endure and sort out.

We must show the terrorists that the modern world will never again tolerate terrorism and the evils that are features of the Caliphate of ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Boko Haram or any the other twisted and sick gang of thugs that claim they are fighting for Allah. They have no place in the modern world, nor is there any place for their demented social, political and theocratic views. It is time we exterminated them all.

So, as our leaders are too gutless to say anything, as they are all so busy living high on the public purse at the expense of their peoples, I will say it: There will never be a world-wide Caliphate- NEVER. And any terrorist who is willing to give his life to achieve that, and murder countless innocents along the way, might as well put his own gun to his own head now, as his heinous crimes will all be in vain. No worldwide Caliphate – NOT EVER! The people of the West will fight, we will never give up our ideals and we will never submit to the evil of the Caliphate, even if our leaders are too gutless to say so.

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