If you ask me

It Is Not Racist…

It Is Not Racist

Stifling freedom of speech is no way to conduct any worthwhile debate on Islam, refugees, immigration and illegal aliens.

If you ask me; the present trend of labelling anyone who opposes, or even questions, Islam and Islamic immigration, as racist is wrong, ill-informed and very dangerous. For those people, who continue to use this tactic to try and silence free speech, I have the following comments. Essentially, it is not racist, nor is it Islamophobic, to question Islam and the motives of Muslim migrants and you only have to look at world history, both past and present, to realise that such questions are absolutely necessary. But further…

It is not racist to love your country and want to preserve it from ideologies that threaten, either overtly or covertly, to destroy it,

It is not racist to object to an ideology from the middle ages that wants to turn the world’s clock backwards,

It is not racist to combat a belief that would subjugate all women, which promotes female genital mutilation (FGM), that throws homosexuals off of buildings and encourages the torture, murder and beheading of apostates and unbelievers,

It is not racist to ensure that the country, and the future, that our children inherit is free from tyrannical laws like Sharia Law,

It is not racist to make certain that our children can live in peace, with democracy and freedom guaranteed for them,

It is not racist to reject a so-called ‘holy’ book that contains hundreds of incitements to war, death, slavery and torture,

It is not racist to respect, uphold and defend the laws and constitution of our own country,

It is not racist to investigate, screen and even prohibit, anyone entering our country,

It is not racist to expect our neighbours to show their faces when they interact with us and use our facilities and services,

It is not racist to challenge the teachings and beliefs of ANY religion or ideology, let alone a dangerous one,

It is not racist to have the courage to stand up and say what is right and to clearly identify what is wrong,

It is not racist to exercise our right to free speech and our right to our own opinions and individual thought,

It is not racist to require that those who immigrate to our country respect and embrace our culture and to not be forced to adopt their culture,

It is not racist to oppose Islam which is NOT a race and is also NOT a religion but IS a dictatorial ideology; a form of totalitarian government which places excessive religious, military, legal and social constraints on it’s people and which, accordingly, is incompatible with a modern and free world,

It is not racist to contest an ideology that, despite the misnomer of ‘The Religion of Peace’ has, for the past 1,400 years, been at war with anyone that refuses to submit to it, has invaded and conquered dozens of countries and regions and, through this aggression, it has been estimated that Islam may have killed as many as 270 million non-Muslims,

It is not racist to question the motives and sincerity of Muslim refugees and immigrants especially in view of the many acts of violence and terror perpetrated by some of these people on arrival in new lands,

It is not racist to resist an ideology that, in 1,400 years, has made no attempt to reform or modernize its views, aims or dictates, and

It is not racist to counter and question the misguided and ill-informed, among us, who believe that they can make friends with this dangerous ideology.

In summary, it is not racist to question any form of immigration, religion, ideology or viewpoint, so please drop this perilous tactic and allow the debate to continue in an adult and civilized manner.

If you are so convinced that the Islamophobes, as you would call us, are wrong; why not let us speak out and then you can embarrass us with fact and logic? Or are you a bit short of those commodities?

In the end, after everyone has had their say and all views, possibilities and alternatives, have been properly considered, then the correct decisions might be reached. However, your blind obstinance to any view that opposes your own, will only destroy any chance of reaching the correct decision. Your attempts to silence free speech and logical questioning can only result in bad decisions and an extremely dangerous result for all; remember, it is not racist!

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One thought on “It Is Not Racist…

  1. Aussie Adjudicator

    Islamophobia isn’t a real thing, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. It is perfectly rational to fear Islam!

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