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Famous Quotes that Provide Inspiration and Warning

If you ask me, the quotes that you will find on this page have been used in the articles and posts on this website. So of these quotes are from great men and women, and which provide truth and inspiration to us today. Some of these quotes are from the tyrants and monsters who haunt world history and their statements serve as a warning to us.

While many quotes are used, and often misused, across the internet, I still believe that it behoves us to take heed of the words of those who went before us and of those who are front-stage today. To ignore the knowledge and understanding of these people is to risk making the same mistakes that were made before. An ignorance of history leaves the world at risk of repeating the bad parts of our history. Individuals learn by their mistakes but they possess the memory of those mistakes on which to base that learning. Humanity, collectively, does not possess such memory but we do possess history, which is our ‘collective memory’ but we have to learn our history before we can learn from our mistakes. These quotes can help us to learn our ‘collective memory’.

These quotes are featured here because I believe that they offer, to us today, guidance and direction on how to manage the issues of the modern world. We can learn from these great men and woman and we can also learn from the infamous and the tyrants of the past. All history is valuable and important and I am going to do my best to present as much of history as I can on the pages of the website.

You will the following quotes in some of the posts on this website and there will be many more to come:

The following quote was featured in “Domestic Violence Laws – Let’s get it right for a change”:

Theodore Roosevelt quote.

It is difficult to make our material condition better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin it by bad laws. Theodore Roosevelt.

The following quote was featured in “The Evils of Political Parties”:


The following quote was featured in “About IfYouAskMe”:



The following quote was featured in:


The following quote was featured in: “The Adler Shotgun Debate – Gun Control Through Deception”


The following quote was featured in: The Truth about Islam?

Quote by Turkish President about Moderate Islam

The Term Moderate Islam is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam; Islam is Islam.

The following quote was featured in: Winston Churchill on Islam

Islam is the problem.

This quote by Winston Churchill sums up the issue that it is not Muslims who are the problem but Islam is the problem.

The following quote was featured in: The Truth about Islam?

The Truth about Islam?

The majority of Muslims are not terrorists but acknowledging the link between Islam and terror is necessary.

The following quote was featured in: No Sharia Law Here; Not Now, Not Ever!


No Sharia Law Here, Not Now, Not Ever!

We should insist that immigrants come in good faith to assimilate into our society not to sabotage it.

The following quote was featured in: The Folly of Appeasement; Remember the History Lesson of Nazism When Dealing with Islam.

Appeasement does not work.

This quote, which is attributed to Winston Churchill, was not doubt made in reference to the Munich Agreement of 1938. It is no less true today.

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