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Easter and the Halal Scam

Easter and the Halal Scam

Easter is a celebration that should be free of Islamic interference and from the Halal certification scam.

If you ask me, the whole business of Halal certification of food in any non-Muslim country, like Australia, is one of the biggest and most disturbing scams ever perpetrated. This scam is a serious problem at any time of the year but at Easter it takes on an even greater significance.  In the lead up to this Easter there has been a great deal of discussion about Halal certification of Easter chocolates with some Islam apologists claiming that anyone who opposes paying for Halal certification is nothing more than an Islamophobe. Well, according to the apologists, I must be an Islamophobe and I am damn proud of it and here are my reasons for questioning the imposition of the Halal Scam onto our Easter celebrations.

To begin with, only about 2% of the Australian population are Muslim, so why are the rest of us paying for Halal certification? Surely, if Muslims really want Halal certified food, then the principle of user pays should apply here? If the manufacturers want to use the Halal certification to tap into markets in Islamic countries, then surely the principle of user pays should still apply? Why should non-Muslims pay for Halal certification? It is wrong to make anyone pay for another persons religious beliefs; especially when there are serious doubts about where this money actually goes.

Secondly, as Muslims do not celebrate Easter and, indeed, some Imams claim that to do so is a sin, why do Easter eggs need to be Halal in the first place? If Easter celebrations are a sin, then surely it is also a sin to profit from the sales of Easter products? Islam is trying, once again, to have an ‘each way’ bet on a Christian celebration; condemning it on one hand while taxing and profiting from it on the other.

What is particularly amusing about the Halal scam, and Cadburys involvement in it, is that, as reported in the Pickering Post, Muslims are rejecting Halal certified Cadbury chocolates, because the fat used to produce a good, smooth texture is, in fact, derived from pork fat. So, despite the Halal certification, Cadbury chocolates, to name just one brand, are in fact off limits to adherents to the Islamic cult. What an enormous scam this is; making non-Muslims pay for Halal certification for products that Muslims won’t consume anyway!

So why is this Halal certification so important? Now that is a very good question because the food restrictions, that are contained in the so-called ‘holy’ Quran don’t seem to agree with the requirements of Halal certification as practised today.  The passages, in the Quran, that refer to the foods that can and can’t be eaten, are to be found at verses 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. These verses all say the same basic thing so I will just include one of them here:

5: 3. Prohibited for you are carrion, blood, the flesh of swine, and animals dedicated to other than God; also the flesh of animals strangled, killed violently, killed by a fall, gored to death, mangled by wild animals—except what you rescue, and animals sacrificed on altars; and the practice of drawing lots. For it is immoral. Today, those who disbelieve have despaired of your religion, so do not fear them, but fear Me. Today I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My favor upon you, and have approved Islam as a religion for you. But whoever is compelled by hunger, with no intent of wrongdoing—God is Forgiving and Merciful.

So is Halal certification really necessary to ensure that the food is not carrion, blood, the flesh of swine, sacrifices to other gods or animals that are strangled, killed violently, etc, etc? With the exception of pork, non-Muslims don’t eat these other forms of dead animals anyway. Indeed, having watched a few videos of Halal slaughter of cattle, I can’t help but wonder about the wording of 5:3 where it says “Prohibited for you…..the flesh of animals killed violently”. Locking a fully awake and aware cow into a animal press, or hanging it upside down by one leg, as it bellows in fear, and then hacking away at it’s neck to make it bleed to death, sure looks and sounds fairly violent to me. In the videos that I have seen, the animal certainly is feeling the violence of the man with the knife. Further, how do you slaughter any animal, without violence, unless you use a stun gun or anaesthetize it before killing it? It seems to me that the Halal certification is in breach of the dictates of the Quran; because the slaughter is most definitely conducted with violence.

To compare how cattle are processed in a modern abattoir, please view the following video:

Video of Abattoir Procedure

Now compare that process with Halal slaughter of cattle as shown in this video:

Video of Slaughter for Muslim Consumption

Halal certification is a scam. It should not be forced upon non-Muslims and it is of dubious validity for Muslims themselves. In it’s present form, it is nothing more than a religious tax imposed on non-Muslims and must, immediately, be stopped. It should be removed from all food products, with the exception of clearly marked food that is specifically intended for the Muslim consumer, so that only the user pays for the certification and only if they really believe it necessary.

When it comes to products intended for non-Muslim religious celebrations, such as Easter, then the imposition of Halal certification is simply procuring money under false pretences. In other words, it is theft. This is especially so when you consider that Easter is considered sinful to the pious Muslim. In addition, as pigs fat is a component of many chocolate products, and the Quran does prohibit pork products for Muslims, how can anyone truthfully impose Halal certification for these products.

So it is time that Islam left the rest of us to enjoy our Easter celebrations and our Easter Eggs, without ripping us off with their sinful Halal tax. It is also time that Islam respected the religious celebrations, of non-Islamic peoples and, in doing so, they might just earn a little respect back.

One final message to all of those food companies that have been duped into paying for Halal certification, you can add me to the list of consumers who is now vetting all of my grocery shopping to ensure that I am not paying the Halal tax. And my Easter shopping? You can be certain that all of the Easter Eggs I bought are not Halal certified.

With that little rant over, let me now wish everyone, worldwide, a very happy Easter and lots of yummy, non-Halal chocolate to eat.

Happy Easter!

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