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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 from www.ifyouaskme.com.au.

If you ask me, another year has gone past and all too quickly. Christmas 2017 is now upon us and 2018 is not far behind. In 2017, many things happened and many of them were bad. However, we still live with the hope that things will get better. We live with the hope that peace will prevail, that terrorism will be defeated, that religious tensions will abate, that people will learn to live with people and respect their differences. Christmas reminds us of that hope, that desire for peace, and it invites up to show good will for all of mankind.

Christmas may have begun as a Christian celebration but it has morphed into a celebration of peace for every single person who has eyes to see the message. Unfortunately, it has also grown into a huge financial venture that has distorted the true meaning of the event. However, if you can look past the commercial manipulation of this celebration, the true message is still there to be seen.

Many other religious groups understand this message of peace but, unfortunately, not all of them. It is just a huge pity that the largest group of non-Christians, in the world, fail to see the message of peace that Christmas offers to all. Christmas is a celebration for all of the world’s peoples and should not be seen as an insult to any other religion.

So, to every man and woman on the planet. To every child, every old person, every scholar, labourer, soldier, scientist, clergyman, to everyone, everywhere, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic near year for 2018.

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