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Same Sex Marriage; Yes or No?

The marriage act should not be changed to suit a tiny minority.

Australia’s same sex marriage debate is drawing towards a conclusion, hopefully with the NO vote prevailing.

If you ask me the Same Sex Marriage debate has not confirmed the claims of the pro-yes campaign at all. With just a short time to go, before Australia closes it’s postal vote on whether the Marriage Act should be changed to recognise same sex marriage, there are still around four (4) million Australians who have not voted. Whether undecided, or apathetic to this issue, this means that 25% of Australians, who have the right to vote, really aren’t that interested in saying yes to same sex marriage. If they supported the yes vote, you would imagine that they would have taken the time to submit their vote early.

For a very long time now, we have been bombarded by claims that the majority of Australians support same sex marriage but now, even before the vote is counted, that claim would seem to be questionable. Indeed, when we are talking about a gay community that is somewhere between 2 and 4% of the total population, why the hell would most Australians really care?

Those supporters of the yes vote are saying that they just want a fair shake for those gay people who want to marry. However, many heterosexual couples choose to live together without going through the formality, and expense, of having a marriage ceremony, so why is it so important to the very small percentage of gays who want to marry? Indeed, some gay people have made it clear that they do not want to be included in the Marriage Act with all of the legal traps and obligations that come with that.

Personally, I have said NO on my same sex marriage ballot form. This is not to say that I am against the homosexual community because I am not. I believe that if consenting adults choose to live that life, then they should be permitted to do so; and they already are allowed to do that.

I said NO because I do not trust the system to change the Marriage Act without it causing other, long term and negative effects. Changing the Marriage Act, to placate 1 or 2% or the population that want this change will, almost certainly, adversely affect the majority of Australians who are married to members of the opposite sex.

I said NO because I do not want the left wing to use an amended marriage act as an excuse to brainwash our children with programs like the so-called ‘Safe Schools Program’. The Safe Schools Program is all about sexualising children while doing little about real safety. It is an experiment in perverse social engineering and should be scrapped immediately.

I also said NO because I am vehemently opposed to the left wing elements trying to tell me what I should believe, what I should say and what I should accept. These changes to the marriage act will open the door wider to those leftists who what to tell use what to think and say.  Just as there is a push to control people’s comments about religions, such as Islam, the changes to the Marriage Act will open the door to more draconian and unnecessary thought and speech control by the leftists.

I said NO because I am saying no to the ‘Thought Police’.  Those people who wish to be the ‘Thought Police’ need to realise, throughout all of this debate, that no amount of legislation, intimidation or control will ever change the views of most Australians. I believe that the majority of Australians might tolerate, or even accept, homosexual relationships, but they will never consider same sex marriage as mainstream or equal to heterosexual relationships. You might say that is bigoted but it is simply a fact.

To anyone reading this article, and who are yet to vote, I would urge you not to be intimidated or harassed into voting yes but I would urge you to vote. If you don’t agree with the proposed changes to the Marriage Act, here is your chance to say so. Here is your chance to start and take back our country from the leftist bullies, the PC clowns and the ‘Thought Police’.

I said NO and you can too.

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