If you ask me

Vote Greens? You must be out of your mind!

The Greens are the lunatic fringe of politics and you must be nuts to vote for them.

If you vote for the Greens you must be out of your head!

If you ask me, and with another state election looming in Queensland, there is no way that anyone, who actually puts some thought into who they vote for, can vote for the Greens and say that they genuinely care for the future direction that Australia takes. If you vote for the Greens, you must be out of your mind.

Not only are most of the Green’s policies destructive and unworkable but they, themselves, are aligned with the International Green movement which means that their policies are not representative of the needs and wishes of Australians but of the broader Green movement. I, for one, do not want foreign ideals and views pushed upon me by the delusional Greens party.

What is decided in other countries should NOT influence what is decided here in Australia. There should be only one criterion for the policies, of any political party, and that criterion is whether the policy is best for Australia. The Greens do not put Australia first, they put international views before the views and need of Australians. Indeed, when you look at some of the actions, by the Greens, it is clear that they are anti-Australian.

Here is a quick look at some of the looney actions and ideas of the Australian Greens:

  • The Greens want to reduce legal penalties on illicit drugs, even to the point of decriminalising them, yet they want to ban guns in total. In 2012, 1,427 Australians died from drug overdoses (more than the 1,338 deaths in vehicle accidents) and, at the same time, only 226 died from firearms related deaths (177 suicides, 42 homicides, 3 accidents, 4 undetermined). So how does this work in the twisted Green’s mind; lots of drug deaths are ok (and they would most likely increase markedly under their policies) but a much smaller number of gun deaths are not?
  • The Greens want to be taken seriously as politicians, worthy of running a country, but they can’t even debate or negotiate on any topic that is contrary to their narrow views, so can could they ever run a democratic nation? Just look at how they walk out on any One Nation speeches in parliament. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with any other political group, a true political movement would engage in discussion, debate and dialogue – not walk out like spoilt little children. How can you possibly claim to be a politician if you can’t even listen to contrary views?
  • The Greens want to be considered as the environmentally responsible political option but their policies show very little understanding of real environmental issues. Like many of the extreme ‘environmental’ groups, whose motives are more closely related to making money from misleading the public than actually saving the environment, the Greens are opposed to any development or sustainable use, such as mining or forestry. The Greens give no thought to finding a middle ground that allows economic development while, at the same time, protecting the environmental.
  • The Greens’ policies on conservation are totally distorted by the tenants of the animal liberation/rights view point. Animal liberation is NOT conservation. Greens policies, on conservation issues, are totally biased, distorted and unworkable.
  • All of the Greens fiscal policies are slanted, heavily, towards the ideologies of socialism and, in some cases, even communism. Both of these ideologies have been shown, by history, to be abject failures. In addition, they are totally unacceptable and unworkable for the Australian economy yet the Greens won’t let go of these failed financial views.
  • One of the most damning actions, by any of the Greens, is when Greens MP, David Shoebridge, was actively involved in the 2017 anti-Australia day demonstration that turned violent, included flag burning and calls for an end to Australia day. The stupidity displayed by David Shoebridge in actively encouraging this division and conflict instead of reconciliation and unity, puts paid to the empty claim that the Greens are for non-violence and justice.
  • Most of the Greens politicians display the same ‘entitled’ views that have caused such horrific social unrest and violence around the world. As just one example, Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, has wasted Australian tax-payers money on such frivolous, and unnecessary, events as post-Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parties and taking her son on whale watching trips. In both cases, she was indignant that the people should question her waste of money on these bogus expenses and she clearly has an ‘entitled’ view of her position. Like so many crooked politicians, and the Greens have more than their fair share of those, she does not realise that she is in her position to serve the people of Australia, rather than the other way round.

So there you have just a small portion of the issues that surround The Greens party of Australia and, I dare say, many of the other Greens parties around the world. Don’t be conned into voting for The Greens on the belief that they are the only people who know how to save the environment; because their policies won’t do that. They are charlatans and pretenders who are neither environmentally savvy, politically attuned nor nationally loyal.

If you are going to vote for the Greens then you must be totally and completely out of your mind!

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