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Gender is Fixed NOT Fluid.

By this stage, gender has been well and truly fixed.

The gender of this baby was fixed at conception and to say, later in life, that it is fluid is just not true; gender is fixed and NOT fluid.

If you ask me, the most ridiculous and delusional idea to plague our modern society, has to be the notion that gender is fluid. It is patently absurd to declare one’s gender as anything other than what you were born as. Granted, there is a very small percentage of babies born with varying degrees of ambiguous genitalia but all of us are born either as male or female; end of story. In a free society you have the right to make believe that you are something other than what nature made you to be. However, do not tell the rest of society that we have to play along with your little fantasy. In simple terms, gender is fixed, NOT fluid, and it is fixed by nature and you cannot force the rest of society to adopt a contrary view.

The gender of a foetus is determined at conception and is dictated by the number of X or Y chromosomes passed to the foetus by the parents and not by some absurd gender theory adopted later in life. Indeed, we often hear the terms ‘sex change’ or ‘gender re-assignment’ surgery but as the sex or gender of a person is determined by the number of X or Y chromosomes, in their cells, it is simply impossible to change sex or gender. A person can change their appearance and behaviour to create the allusion of gender change, but you cannot actually change your sex or gender.

Ambiguous genitalia is a medical condition that results after conception, and after gender has already been determined. Ambiguous genitalia can be caused by a number of things. This can include the disruption of hormone production through medications or other substances taken by the mother during pregnancy or because of adrenal gland malfunctions. Despite being born with ambiguous genitalia, many such people go on to live normal, reproductive lives. In any case, the number of children, born with some degree of ambiguous genitalia, is only around 1 in every 2,000 births, or 0.5%.

However, legitimate biological cases of gender ambiguity aside, advocates of the fallacy that gender is fluid will try and convince us that there are large numbers of adolescents who are suffering from gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition resulting from the confusion, which a small number of children experience, over whether they are male or female. This confusion may be the result of their own inner conflicts and experiences or it can be the result of upbringing and the influence of family and friends. Despite what the advocates of gender fluidity claim, the number of children who have legitimate gender dysphoria is quite small and less than 1%. There has been a slight increase in the number of reported cases but the cause of this increase is open to debate.

The gender fluidity advocates point to these recent increases, in reported gender dysphoria cases, as proof that the problem is more widespread than we realise. They claim that as the issue gains greater recognition, throughout the community, then more children feel that they can reveal their affliction. However, there is no real evidence to confirm this to be the case. The reality is more likely as a result of the aggressive propaganda campaign from the radical elements within the transgender community and the push to legitimise gender fluidity. Indeed, in some young minds the seed has been planted that being a ‘gender bender’ is cool and socially acceptable. From this, children with social acceptance issues may adopt the mantle of gender dysphoria in order to gain the social recognition they are lacking as their true self. Other children may be influenced, either intentionally or unintentionally, by transgender or gay family members. These are worrying developments and the push to romanticise gender fluidity should stop immediately. Children with legitimate gender issues do exist and they need our help but we should not be brainwashing the rest of our children just to placate the transgender community.

Gender is fixed and not fluid and maintained by hormones.

Gender is fixed at conception and, as this diagram shows, is developed and maintained by hormones and not by some ridiculous gender theory.

In regards to gender dysphoria cases, medical studies have shown that most of these children will reconcile with their true gender when they enter puberty. To allow medical intervention in the gender of a child, before they are of an age where they can make informed decisions for themselves, is nothing short of criminal. Parents, guardians and medical staff who indulge in this dangerous practice should be behind bars. Our politicians should wake up and make it illegal for any child, under the age of 18, to undergo any form of medical gender intervention. They need help and guidance not a one way trip to further and acute gender dysphoria after puberty. There is no complete way back from gender reassignment surgery so we need to be absolutely certain of the repercussions before sending any child down this route.

As for the move, by the radical elements of the trangender/gay communities and the gender fluidity advocates, to bring gender issues into the classroom I cannot say, strongly enough, how wrong this is. The vast majority of adult society has no problems with determining their gender and their sexuality and our children should be allowed to develop naturally and grow towards adulthood without the interference of any self-interest group. They should be able to do this without anyone trying to implant their alternative views on them. When our children are adults, then they can make informed decisions on how they want to live their lives and it should not be because they were indoctrinated as children under some twisted social experiment. The classroom is for education and NOT for sexual indoctrination. To the transgender/gay community, and their leftist allies, I say; take your hands off of our education system.

Gender is fixed and not fluid and you cannot force people to agree to the gender fluidity lie.

As Benjamin Franklin put it, you cannot force people to adopt the absurd views of the gender theorists.

For myself, I just cannot see a guy in a dress as anything other than a guy in a dress. Granted, there are some truly beautiful looking transsexuals out there, and those people obviously believe in their transition and put an enormous amount of effort into it, but the gender you were born with is the gender you are. I have no problems with transsexuals living their chosen lifestyle but I cannot, and will not, refer to a guy as female or a girl as male, just because they have decided to indulge in this fantasy. The situation has reached the absurd when we have 50 year old truck drivers trying to pass themselves off as 6 year old girls. The push to legislate and force the rest of our society into participating in this delusion, is so wrong on so many levels. You cannot change people’s beliefs and views by passing restrictive and draconian laws. When our societies start considering such legislation, it begs the question of why did we bother fighting against Nazism, Communism, radical Islam or any of the great evils or our time, if we are then going to impose such oppressive and unjust laws on our own people.

Convincing transsexuals but gender is still fixed and not fluid.

Mexican transsexuals at a gay march showing that many can be very convincing and feminine but outward appearance and behaviour does not change a person’s biology.

In summary, the transgender and gay communities have made plenty of progress towards acceptance and legitimacy in our society and that is just and fair. However, when their more radical elements try and change our society, one child at a time, into some sort of sexually amorphous society of the future, then they are going too far. They should be satisfied with their progress and take their place as accepted and productive members of society. To continue to attack that society, to threaten the independence of young minds and to pervert our education system into an indoctrination system, will only make them more enemies and cost them the progress that they have made. It is time that they realise that they may be free to choose their alternative lifestyle but that does not make their choice preferable, or even acceptable, to the rest of society. Nor do the gains they have made give them a mandate to conduct a campaign of assimilation against the rest of society. In short, it is time they ended their war on traditional gender roles because, in reality, gender is fixed and NOT fluid.

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One thought on “Gender is Fixed NOT Fluid.

  1. Chaiman Mao

    Transtrenderism shouldn’t be trendy. Gender disphoria is an incurable mental illness that sufferers need to come to terms with. It is NOT a fashion accessory.

    If you push this on a minor, you should have your organs harvisted for someone who isn’t a lothsome pile of shit like you are! Let people (when they are of legal age) choose there own lifestyle.

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