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About “Ifyouaskme”

What is Ifyouaskme.com.au all about and why did I create this website?

I created this website because:

  •  I am thoroughly sick and tired of the media only reporting those stories that suit their own agenda, or only reporting carefully selected parts of some stories, or often failing to report some stories at all (does that sound like I have no faith in the media’s ability to impartially report news? That, instead, the media seem to believe that they have the right to influence or create news and to massage, even dictate, public opinion to reflect their own views and for their own financial reward? You are damn right it does!),
  •  I am fed up with the lies and propaganda put forward by many self-interest groups today who have no respect for the truth and do not care about the damage they do with their lies; just as long as they achieve their own goals for their own self-gratification,
  •  I am totally disillusioned by the excuses and dribble put forward by most politicians whose loyalty rests only with their political party for the benefit of their own careers and financial wellbeing. Where are the true statesmen and stateswomen that we can look up to and who serve because they genuinely want to ensure a better life and a safer world for the people they claim to represent? Are they an extinct breed?
  •  I am no longer going to be told what I should think and how I should think it. Too many people today simply adopt the views of ‘the system’ because they are told it so often that they, erroneously, start to believe it to be true. Political correctness and social engineering are evils that attack and stifle our basic freedoms of speech and thought, and
  •  I believe that most of us are denied the opportunity to express our views on many subjects that affect our lives, our countries and the entire world, for that matter. Too often, when we do try and speak up, we are shouted down by the vocal minorities.

‘If You Ask Me’ is my chance to speak out on those issues that I believe are important and which are being ignored, miss-reported or even just lied about.

‘If You Ask Me’ is my electronic ‘soap box’, if you will, where I can put forward my views in a forum that is open to anyone with access to the internet.

Now I realise that many people will disagree with some of the things I say. I also realise that sometimes I might actually be wrong. Some people might even think that I am wrong most of the time, and they could very well be right.

However, if I can just get people to actually think about some of these issues, to not just blindly accept the status quo and not to believe, without question, the lies and propaganda that are fed to us on a daily basis, then this site will be a success.

You don’t have to agree with me, but please, please, please think about the issues, research them for yourselves and don’t just adopt the propaganda that we are bombarded with on a daily basis!

Here, on this site, I will raise issues, make comment and hopefully question the validity of much of the information (or misinformation?) that we are fed and I intend to do so in the manner which Winston Churchill once suggested:


Am I a rebel, a trouble-maker or maybe an activist? I guess that some people will say so, but the truth is that I am just an ordinary person who is so very afraid of the direction our world is taking. That our politicians are, like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns, that the power of the media has grown excessively and perversely, that social engineering is creating a sick and perverted world where I fear for the dignity, the safety and the honour of my children, where political correctness has replaced truth and fact and where many NGOs have grown fat on the lies they tell and the misplaced guilt that they instil in people.

I may be just a lone voice in the wilderness, but my own conscience will not allow me to stay silent any longer. I believe that many, many people feel the same way about some of the issues I will raise but are either too scared to speak up or believe that they will not be heard anyway – so why bother? But if you read the quote, alongside of the image of Theodore Roosevelt, at the head of this page, you will understand why I am taking this stand; Theodore’s view is one that we should all stand by today.

Speaking of Theodore Roosevelt, throughout this website you will find images and quotes by some of the great men and women of history and, where it is appropriate, by some of the evil ones, too.

I just wish we had men and women of the calibre of Theodore Roosevelt or Nelson Mandela “running the show” today; then things might not seem so bleak!

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